Pinot noir-the one of its own kind of wine!

Pinot noir is described as the toughest grape, to grow and treat in the winery, but the efforts are well worth the investment. It is one of the oldest varieties of grape to be cultivated for making wine as it is an inconsistent grape that requires most favorable growing conditions, generally warm days constantly supported by breezy evenings. Pinot noir is made into a flavored and light colored wine, compatible with ham, poultry, pork and lamb. Its tastes are redolent of sweet red berries, cherries, tomatoes, plums, and some times a notably basic and wood like essence, all depending on the particular growing circumstances.   

Universally, Pinot noir is recognized as the most excellent wine grape, which has many nom de plumes and is produced in Argentina, Algeria, Austria, Australia where it is know as Spätburgunder or Blauburgunder, Canada, Brazil, Croatia where it is known as Burgundac, England, Czechoslovakia, Germany, France (Spätburgunder), Italy, Hungary, Greece (Pinot Nero), Switzerland, New Zealand, Mexico (Clevener, but tagged as Dole when mixed with Gamy Noir).

Due to the rigorous growing conditions, Pinot Noir is produced in less quantity than any other red wines. Conventionally, you would also shell out a little more for this wine, as the demand and supply theories starts to happen. Nevertheless, for an excellent value it is very essential to select a right kind of pinot noir, therefore following steps may help you to select the perfect pinot noir:  

  • Distinguish how exactly pinot noir should taste actually, it is expected to be bit lighter in flavor and color.      
  • Study about the grapes to understand the price. The pinot noir grapes are scandalously tough to grow and as a result lesser bottles of pinot wines are produced and rates will be a bit higher than other popular red wines such as Merlot and Cabernet.   
  • Furthermore, understand why the growing region is vital. Regions are significant as this grape will not give the desired results if not grown in the appropriate region, and which results in a bad tasting pinot noir wine.       
  • Select the Pinot noir wine that suits your taste; do not go over by the wine experts taste, make your selection according to your preferences.  
  • Understand the new and the old style of making Pinot noir wine. Wine produces in old style results in lighter-bodied wine along some hints of fruit where as pinot noir produced in new style is much full bodied along some distinct tastes of fruit.

Consider these few steps for a truly pleasurable Pinot noir wine!                



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