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Some of the pinot noir wines that were ranked at the top of the pinot noir ratings at some time include Freestone Hill-Vineyard Pinot-Noir by Dutton Goldfield,2004 Carneros Pinot-Noir-Estate by Etude Wines, 2002 Pinot-Noir by Chalone Vineyards, 2002 Savoy-Vineyard Pinot-Noir by Roessler Cellars, 2005 La-Colina Vineyard Pinot-Noir by Torii-Mor Vineyard and Winery and2005 Pinot-Noir-Ramal Vineyard by Buena-Vista Winery.

With so many varieties of wines in the market, it can prove to be quite a difficult experience to select a wine that will perfectly go with the meal that you are going to serve tonight. Among others, pinot noir is one of the most difficult grapes to grow. Originating in Burgundy of France, this tantalizing wine, inclusive of raisin, straw berries or black cherries, is reasonably one of the most wanted varieties of wine. It has been observed that Pinot Noir goes best with tenderloin and sausage of pork.

Pinot noir is a red wine with fair degrees of the tannin, going perfectly with meats which have some level of fattiness, especially with twists of pepper. But tannin of it is also quite soft, tender, making it a sleek, easy-drinking, smooth red wine going as well with the white meats like veal, fish, chicken and pork. In fact, slightly chilled Pinot noir is as soft and easily drinkable as most of the other wines. It is really full of alcohol and feels fairly soft, and tastes like smoke and a spiced fruit. The classic food matches of pinot noir include the following:

  • Leaner meats- chicken, veal, rabbit, turkey, beef or pork filets, a game bird and a duck is well-drained.
  • Earthy flavours- wild mushrooms, truffles, pepper corns, mustards, horse radish and coriander.
  • Wood-roasted, smoked, sausage or braised meats- with use of lamb, pork and beef.
  • Aromatic sweet spice- cinnamon, clove, mace, nut meg and allspice.
  • Sweet vegetables- beets, tomatoes, carrots, bell pepers and caramelized onions.
  • Scented or resin like herbs- thyme, rosemary, oregano, tarragon, winter and summer savory, mints, basils and chervil.
  • Autumnal fruits- plums, figs, black berries, rasp berries, blue berries, dried and black cherries and currants.
  • Creamy or mild cheeses- Camembert, Brie, herbed crèmes, Havarti, jacks and cheddars.

You can put any combination into a dish and you will get a good chance to match with the soft, earthy, velvety, smoky, spicy, sweet berry, earth toned qualities of the Pinot Noir.



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