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Every country that produces wine has some specialty to offer and for New Zealand there are two world famous wines that they offer i.e. pinot noir and sauvignon blanc. They have proved excellence in manufacturing these wines and have continually prospering industries for these two varieties.

Pinot noir is a very light shaded red wine that is the blend of various fruits like plums, tomato, berries and cherries flavors. Occasionally the flavor of wood or earth also seeps in. This wine goes perfectly well with all the typical foods fitted for red wines like creamy sauces, red meat and various spicy seasonings, as well as compliments both pork and chicken.

Pinot noir requires high maintenance as there are many difficulties faced in cultivating grapes, as these grapes call for warm days and followed by consistent support of cool evenings. This special wine has the flavor of French wine as wineries of France are significantly gifted in this kind of wine.

Initially Pinot Noir flourished in the Canterbury terrain of New Zealand and then spread to other provinces like Martin borough, Central Otago and then Waitaki making this wine a common product of this nation more than kiwi which is grown abundantly in this country.

This queen of red wine leaves ever lasting imprints on the minds of wine lovers as the flavor it has, is rich in texture and complex in nature. To bring spicy flavor for the taste buds, cinnamon, mint or sassafras is further added and it becomes spicier than any other wine. The contents of alcohol are high in this wine but still it is not tannic. The top most quality of this kind of wine takes nearly 5-8 years of storage after vintage giving it the softer and silkier taste but still not acidic or heavy in texture.   

This highly preferred wine has a wide variety of aroma, flavors, and bouquets which sometimes confuse the wine enthusiasts. When this wine is blended with pinot meunier and chardonnay, it becomes sparkling like champagne. The other members of this pinot family are pinot Blanc, pinot meunier and pinot gris, and it can be put under the process of mutation easily and in this manner about 50 clones of this red wine are produced, to be widely used for deriving a large variety of aroma, bouquets and flavors of this special wine.


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Best pinot noir
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