The Best Producers of California Pinot Noir

California in United States is known for the biggest share of wine makers, including Santa Barbara-Santa Rita Hills, Napa and Sonoma Valley- Carneros, Monterey- Santa Lucia highlands, Santa Ynez, Russian river valley, Paso Robles. From all of these areas, Napa Valley is the most famous wine region. No doubt California is known for its wine, among the types of wines produced in California wine label includes Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, assorted reds and last but not the least pinot noir.

Among all, California pinot noir is the toughest grape to grow and delight in the winery but powerful and graceful at the same time. Pinot noir is a delicate and a thin skinned grape that needs a cool, long growing season. Fencing, pruning and harvest procedure all can have a huge impact on the finished pinot noir wine.

California’s temperate Mediterranean weather along the cool coastal enclaves from Anderson valley in the north to the south Barbara in the south, provide grape growers in California more safety in their hard work to grow and develop this toughest grape to grow. However, through better wine making methods and clonal selections, the quality of California pinot noir has mounted dramatically. Pinot noir is grown all over California is and made in many styles of wine.

Another essential variable is of California pinot noir is the alcohol level present in the wine. There is an unfortunate trend in California of producing this delicate grape at high alcohol level of 14.5 percent. Nevertheless, if the amount of alcohol is this high than the grapes will probably picked at the time when they will get overripe. This can wreak havoc on the flavor profile, and might throw the balance of acidity and alcohol off.

Though in the end it’s your personal taste that should determine which pinot noir you pick. However, if you like the jammy pinots, than forget about the instruction about the stability between alcohol and acidity. However, to know more about the California pinot noir and chose the best pinot noir follow the following points:     

  • The foremost step is to know exactly what pinot noir is, it is very necessary to get familiar with this spicy, fruity red wine. 
  • Do a small online research about the various California vineyards as each one has its own signature style.
Check whether the wine is stored properly or not, check varying temperature, light, dry air and vibrations.



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