French pinot noir-the best red wine!

Though France is not counted as the world’s largest producers of wine, because, it makes the large amount of wine by price. Large numbers of aficionados consider French wines to be of great quality then all the other wines in the world. However, there are basically ten major wine making areas in France that makes French wines, which are- Burgundy, Champagne, Alsace, Languedoc- Roussillon, Corsica, Provence, Bordeaux, the South West, the Cotes Du Rhone and the Loire valley.

There are more than 15 varieties of grapes that are grown in France that can produce everything from chardonnay to cabernet sauvignon, merlot to pinot noir (red wine), Pinot Gris (white wine) and Chenin Blanc. However, the French pinot noir is the most popular and well liked wine among all, the raison d'être that French pinot noir is considered as the most difficult grape to grow and delight in the winery, but the hard work is well worth the investment. Furthermore, Pinot noir is the ancient form of grape that is grown for producing wine, as it is a contradictory grape that needs most favorable growing conditions, usually warm days and cold evenings.        

Nevertheless, Pinot noir cultivated in France, are cultivated under a definite set of environment that contributes a lot to its taste and flavor. This is known as the terroir, and the French pinot noir is famous for its terroir. Nevertheless, various conditions that add to its flavor include the variety of the grape, the climate of that area, slope, the soil quality and its chemistry beneath the wine. The duration of post yielding method to finish the vine is another condition that contributes to the taste of the French wine. In addition, the French pinot noir is made into a light colored and flavored wine, which is best to drink with poultry, ham, lamb, and pork. The taste of French pinot noir is aromatic of red berries, tomatoes, plums and cherries, and many a times a notably basic and wood like essence, these all depends on the specific growing condition circumstances.    

However, because of the precise and meticulous growing conditions, French pinot noir is produced in less than quantity then any other category of red wine. Traditionally, you may also shell out a little more for this wine. Nonetheless, for the best quality it is quite important to choose a perfect type of French pinot noir. Thus, it will be feasible to do some research work for a real delight French pinot noir.                   


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