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If we state the term to ‘toughest grape to produce’, we understand that it is pinot noir. However, it is worth investing in its production because of its higher demand and likeability. This fickle type grape demands moderate conditions for its growth, consistent warm days supported by cool evenings is ideal for its production. Pinot noir is flavoured red wine lighter in colour, well complimentary to ham, poultry, pork and lamb.  It has flavours of evocative sweet red berries, cherries, tomatoes, plums and sometimes soothing wood-like or earthy flavour. The flavour of pinot noir more depends on its growing conditions. 

The modest and forerunner inspiration of pinot noir hails from France’s most treasured wine, i.e., red burgundy. Now a days, pinot noir is produced in many parts of the world including California, Australia, Italy, Germany, New Zealand and Oregon. Because of its stringent growing conditions and requirements, pinot noir is grown in much smaller quantity as compare to other admired red wines. Due to its short supply, the pinot noir cost a bit expensive to the wine lovers. However, to value excellent for the pinot noir, one may go for Castle Rock Carneros Pinot Noir 2003 for just $10. In this way people will be hard pressed to get better priced wine to have pleasant experience of amusing Pinot Noir.

With its increasing reputation, the pinot noir starts cultivating from over two miles wide, and thirty miles long stretch hills of France called ‘Slope of Gold’. Pinot noir is great to make long-lasting effect in the mind of wine lovers as the flavour it has is very complex and has rich texture. The flavour of pinot noir may include cinnamon, mint or sassafras to make it spicier than other types of red wine. In spite of high alcohol level in this wine, the tannic effect is not much. One of the attractive quality pinot noir has is its silky, and soft taste and pinot noir can be stored in the bottles for as long as eight years.

The wine lovers most of the times get confused due to the wide variety in its flavours, aroma and bouquets derived by these small cylindrical pinot noir. The colour of pinot wine is lighter than other red wines because less content of red pigments in the fruit’s skin.

To make this wine sparkling, it is often blended with Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay like Champagnes. One of the most sought after red wine in the market is Cabernet Sauvignon because it provides complexity, versatility and a prestige that a good red wine is known for.


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